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I just received the following, which may be of interest to b-hebrew 
members and others. I don't know anything about these people, and so 
take no responsibility for any undesirable side-effects of subscribing.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: New Newsletter
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Date:    9/15/98 4:45 PM

Important: This message is not SPAM. It is a sincere KOSHER announcement 
hoping to further the use of software.

TochenSoft (Superior Jewish Software by Design) invites you to subscribe 
to its weekly newsletter with the newest and most important news about 
Hebrew/Jewish software.

Each week you will enjoy news, reviews and links regarding these and 
other areas of Hebrew/Jewish Software:

Graphic Design
Learning and teaching aids
And much more!

And it's for free, forever, with no obligation, ever. Just sit back and 
relax and let TochenSoft do the legwork for you, combing the industry 
for news about Hebrew/Jewish Software.

All you have to do is send a reply to this message (to 
newsletter at with the word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT line 
of your message.

We, at TochenSoft look forward to having to aboard!

This message is being sent to you because we sincerely suspect that you 
are interested in its contents. If this is not the case, and you wish to 
be removed from our list, simply reply with the word "remove" in the 
subject line of your message. There is no need to curse or send nasty 
replies, just send the word "remove". Watch your blood pressure!

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