Biblical Hebrew Transcription (was: Jeremiah 23:2)

Peter_Kirk at Peter_Kirk at
Thu Sep 17 21:26:00 EDT 1998

Looks like a good transcription, though I wonder how many people will 
use it exactly. We certainly should not judge people's scholarly 
credibility or level of Hebrew knowledge by how well they stick to any 

Why don't we get rid of the digraphs completely by using X for heth 
and C for tsade? Also I would suggest using J for teth, which will 
always be a problem but at least it looks like a T with a hook on it. 
With these changes we avoid having to worry about keeping upper and 
lower case separate. We can also then more easily use doubled letters 
for dagesh forte which is much more intuitive than dots for dagesh 
(and is hardly a very complex rule for beginners to learn).

Peter Kirk

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