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TL Phillips wrote:

> Bryan, et alia,
> Could youse guys give a book list for someone beginning to learn about discourse
> analysis. I prefer English (so I guess that leaves Schneider out...) because High
> School German was a while back. BTW, B.R. I lost the info on your book in a re-install
> at school.
> Thanks,
> Tim Phillips
> tiphillips at infoave.net

Here are a couple of references that have a lot of pointers to the literature,
and give you an introduction to the field. There are two groups: books from
general linguistics, and from the perspective of the biblical texts:

>From general linguistics:

Gillian Brown, George Yule, Discourse Analysis. Cambridge, 1983.
Robert de Beaugrande, Wolfgang Dressler, Introduction to Text Linguistics.
     Longman, 1981.
Robert E. Longacre, The Grammar of Discourse. Plenum, 1983. (My "bible" ;-)

>From the perspective of biblical studies, here are a couple:

Walter Bodine, ed. Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature. What it is and
     What it Offers. Semeia Studies. Scholars Press, 1995. (Lots of

David Allan Dawson. Text-Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew. JSOTS 177. Sheffield
     Press, 1994.

Robert D. Bergen, ed. Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Linguistics. SIL, 1994.

Stephen H. Levinsohn. Discourse Features of NT Greek. A Coursebook. SIL, 1992.
     (There may be a better intro to NT discourse analysis than this. I'd be
     interested in other suggestions for a first text in NT Greek discourse.)

There's a lot more out there, of course.


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