Biblical Hebrew Transcription (was: Jeremiah 23:2)

Ben Crick ben.crick at
Thu Sep 17 16:10:22 EDT 1998

On Thu 17 Sep 98 (19:59:16 +0800), zellmer at wrote:
> After the short discussion this past weekend about the transcription
> scheme for the list, I would like to propose the following.  Because it
> is based on Ben's scheme, perhaps we can call what results after all
> the comments end and the dust settles a "Modified Crick Transcription
> Scheme".
> [snipped]

 Dear Paul & Co.,

 Thank you for your positive proposals for a b-hebrew standardised 
 transliteration scheme for Hebrew text.

 I claim no copyright or proprietary rights for the system I use, and
 I'll be happy to fall in with whatever List system is adopted (as on

 My preference is definitely for a letter-by-letter transliteration, not
 a phonetic "sound-alike" which varies from Ashkenazic to Sephardic and
 all stations to modern Israeli vernacular.

 I omitted Mappiq-Heh, for which my symbol is a digraph, Hh.

 I would rather double the consonant for a Daghesh forte, as in D at BaR
 and DiBBeR. The most common occurences of the Daghesh forte are in the
 middle letter of the Pi`el/Pu`al/Hithpa`el, or after the definite article
 (except gutterals and Resh). The Daghesh lene only occurs in BGDKPT at the
 beginning of a word, or after a closed syllable in the middle of a word.
 Hmmmm - I suppose it took me a while to master that!

 You say Shureq should be W. (upper case with a period). Should that not
 rather be *lower case* w  or wW (plene)?

 CheSeD W:$@LoWM LeMaCh:BiYR YiH:YwW L at CheM  (is that right?  I suppose
 I'll get used to it!)

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