L"h verbs

Peter_Kirk at sil.org Peter_Kirk at sil.org
Wed Sep 16 13:20:00 EDT 1998

As I understand it, a word final HE is ALWAYS a mater and so not 
pronounced as a consonant, unless it has a dot in it (Mappiq) in which 
case it should be pronounced. In the majority of so-called "lamed-he" 
or III-HE verbs the HE which appears in most forms is final and 
without mappiq, and so is not a genuine root consonant. In most cases, 
as in the Arabic etc parallels, the true third root consonant is YOD; 
in a few cases (most clearly SH-L-H, properly SH-L-W, "be at rest") it 
is WAW; this distinction can be made in a few verb forms. There are 
also a few verbs with a genuine third consonant HE, in which the HE 
has a mappiq when it is word final, e.g. G-B-H "be high". See Gesenius 
section 75 for more details.

Peter Kirk

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