discourse analysis

yochanan bitan ButhFam at compuserve.com
Tue Sep 15 08:59:31 EDT 1998

on discourse analysis
you might try 
W. Bodine, ed., Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature: what it is and
what it offers. Scholars Press, 1995, especially an introductory article: 
"Functional Grammar, Hebrew and Aramaic: an integrated, textlinguistic
approach to syntax" 77-102.

There is also a volume R. Bergen, ed. Biblical Hebrew and Discourse
Analysis, SIL, 1994. A nice article surveying the contributions in that
volume is provided by van der Merwe.

on schneider, he collapes/oversimplifies semantics and pragmatics into one
level, anyway, so you can save yourself some german time for the moment.

randall buth

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