Jephthah and his daughter

Ken Litwak kdlitwak at
Tue Sep 15 00:57:31 EDT 1998

While this is not particulalry relevant to h3ebvrew (and I apologize
for that in advance), since several people have mentioned that other
biblical writers speak positively of Jephthah as proof that he did not
sacrifice his daughter, let me point out that Hebrews 11 praises
Jephthah among others for his "faith."  While I have a high view of
inspiration, let me say 1) that "faith" has nothing to do with whether
Jephthah killed his own duaghter (as I think likely) and 2) finding
evidence of "faith" in the origianl account is something I haven't been
able to do, in English or in Hebrew.  Anyone else find it?  

Ken Litwak
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Bristol, England
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