Jephthah's Daughter

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Mon Sep 14 00:39:23 EDT 1998

Ron Rhoades,

Thank you for the detailed reply concerning Jephthah's daughter.  I very
much appreciate the time you took to research this.  I have always felt that
Jephthah's daughter was devoted to God much the same way Hannah in 1 Samuel
1:11 gave Samuel to God as a fulfillment of her vow.  I think you made a
very good case that this is a possibility.  Obviously, none of us can be
certain of the daughter's fate.  But the corroboration from Hebrews 11:32
seems convincing to me.  In the New Testament Balaam is condemned even
though he did some good things and he prophesied truly, so it would seem
strange that Jephthah wouldn't likewise be condemned, or at least not

Thanks again for the insightful remarks,

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