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Glen Sample wrote:

> Could someone phonetically tell me how to pronounce the hebrew word:
> tse'dheq?
> Glen Sample


Is this the word for "justice, righteousness"?  I only ask because I am not quite sure
what the apostrophe is symbolizing.  What verse are you taking it from?  It appears as
if it might be in pause, which would lengthen the nikkud (pointing).  If this is the
case, the base word has two segols, which has the approximate pronunciation of the
short /e/ in the English word /met/.  If I understand your transcription, this form
appears to have a lengthened vowel in the first syllable, all the way to a sere plene,
which I learned to pronounce almost like the English dipthong /ey/ in /they/.  The
/ts/ you recognize, I'm sure, as a tsadeh, /ts/ as in /its/.  The /dh/ is the soft
daleth, which some pronunciation schemes pronounce as /d/, but which I learned as a
voiced /th/ like /those/.  And the /q/ is the qoph, which I learned as a /k/ made by
touching the base of the tongue to the back of the throat at a lower point than the
kaph.  Assuming I read your transcription correctly then, the word would be pronounced
/ts//ey//th(voiced)//e//k(low)/.  I apologize for using non-standard phonetics, but
the IPA and SIL schemes don't play well in the constraints we have on the list.



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