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At 02:53 PM 9/13/98 +0800, Paul Zellmer wrote:

>However, as list-owner, you have the option to suggest something else.  

Given the fact that I'm totally incompetent in Hebrew, I'm not going to
offer any great ideas...a list owner, as I'm sure you know, has to know how
to make the list server software work, but I'm working on getting some
chairs together who can actually run the list and suggest things like this.

>It might form an option for a transliteration scheme, as
>might the keyboarding for, say, the Ezra font from SIL.

How many people use that font? It *looks* nice, I think. I use the Galatia
font for Greek a lot. The Galatia font has two encodings, one of which
gives nice readable ASCII. Is there a similar readable Ezra encoding? I'll
have to look at my docs...
>Sure hope this helps.  Even more, I hope you can lead us to come up 
>with something that might be a bit more intuitive, because I sure have 
>a time reading it!
If you had to suggest something, what do you think would be the most
readable transcription? What do other mailing lists use?

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