Jephthah and his daughter

Andre Desnitsky bsruss at
Sat Sep 12 04:58:41 EDT 1998

Bryan Rocine wrote:
> Dear B-Haverim,
> I find it very difficult to believe Jephthah sacrificed his daughter by
> killing her(Judges 11).  Might he have put her away to a life of seclusion
> or celibacy?  We don't see blood, not even a smoking gun.  Are there
> answers either in legend, ancient Levantine anthropology or the Biblical
> text itself?

Dear Bryan,

Again and again we are facing the passages from the Bible that say
something different from what we expect the Scripture to say. The basic
choice will be whether we shall follow the text however uncomfortable it
may seem or should we use the slightest possibility to read our own
understanding in it. I vote for the first option.

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