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Jonathan Robie wrote:

> Is there a document that explains the transcription scheme for B-Hebrew?


"Traditionally" (because it's the only one that's been formally suggested in the past
couple three years!), the list uses a transliteration scheme based on the
Michigan-Claremont-Westminster machine-readable Hebrew Bible.  However, as list-owner,
you have the option to suggest something else.  There is even less loyalty to this
scheme on this list than there is to the suggested transliteration scheme on B-Greek.
I don't know what keyboarding scheme is used by, say, the Hebrew version of Word,
since Microsoft chooses not to make that version readily available for people who live
outside the Middle East.  It might form an option for a transliteration scheme, as
might the keyboarding for, say, the Ezra font from SIL.

Anyway, here's what we have right now:

Consonants          Vowels

Alef     )          Patah        A
Bet      B          Qamets       F
Gimel    G          Segol        E
Dalet    D          Tsere        "
Heh      H          Hireq        I
Vav(waw) W          Holem        O or OW [plene]
Zayin    Z          Qamets Hatuf F
Het      X          Qibbuts      U
Tet      +          Shureq       W.
Yod      Y          Shewa        :
Kaf      K          Hatef Patah  :A
Lamed    L          Hatef Segol  :E
Mem      M          Hatef Qamets :F
Nun      N
Samek    S
Peh      P          Miscellaneous
Ayin     (
Tsade    C          Ketiv        *
Qof      Q          Qere         **
Resh     R          Dagesh       .
Sin      &          Meqqef       -
Shin     $
Tav      T

The order of transcription is consonant (dagesh) vowel.  For example, the Piel form of
"command", 3ms, is CIW.FH

Sure hope this helps.  Even more, I hope you can lead us to come up with something
that might be a bit more intuitive, because I sure have a time reading it!

Paul and Dee Zellmer, Jimmy Guingab, Geoffrey Beltran
Ibanag Translation Project
Cabagan, Philippines

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