Genesis 28:18

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>Rocine wrote:
> >The root _ycq_ is alledged to be a third class first yod
> >Gesenius section 71).  Usually, the yod of the third class first yod
> >assimilates in the prefixed forms like the nun of a first nun root.
> Jewish grammarians classify the peh-yud verbs into two classes; the ones
> that leave the yud "visible" which have a hiriq gadol for the prefix
> and the ones which have the yud "quiescent" or "invisible" which have a
> tzere for the prefix.

What do Jewish grammarians do with a root like _yc(_   [yod-tsadeh-ayin]
meaning in the Hiphil to make a bed?   With this root, the yod assimilates.
 It is therefore a third alternative to yod-visible and yod-quiescent,
right?  The root you asked about _ycq_ seems to fall between the cracks.


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