Jonathan Robie jonathan at
Tue Sep 8 09:06:58 EDT 1998

At 01:29 PM 9/7/98 -0500, Cindy Smith wrote:

>Sorry to send this to the group, but I've lost the email address of 
>the listowner with whom I was conversing about forwarding the messages 
>from this group to my mailing list ot-trans at  Is this all 
>right with everyone?
I am the list owner. Please have people who are interested in B-Hebrew
subscribe directly to B-Hebrew. We are trying to build the group here, and
we want people to read and respond to our messages directly.

If you have users who want to browse messages without getting all the
mails, remember that the web or newsgroup approaches allow them to do that.
There are three ways to join and participate in B-Hebrew:

1. B-Hebrew may be accessed as a mailing list by sending a message to:

	join-b-hebrew at

2. It may be accessed via the web at the following address:

	Choose "SunSITE hosted lists", then "Biblical Languages",
	then "B-Hebrew".

3. It may be accessed as a newsgroup at:


I'm sure one of these will meet the needs of your users. Please do not
forward B-Hebrew messages to other servers.

List Owner, B-Hebrew
List Owner, B-Greek

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