(oral tradition) the chicken(poetry) or the egg(prose)?

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Fri Sep 4 05:42:23 EDT 1998

On Fri, 04 Sep 1998 11:25:12 +0800 Paul Zellmer
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>So, no, I see it unlikely that prose would be considered "formal 
>sounding" to the
>Hebrews.  Rather, I see the recorded and preserved history of a 
>culture that moved
>from a predominantly oral tradition of preserving important records to 
>a written tradition.

yeah, but......

Don't we have more evidence to persuade us that much of what is written
in the Tanakh was soon committed to paper and not passed down by "oral

The "oral tradition" hypothesis was popular among some scholars, but I
thought that it fell into disfavor when evidence for very early writing
among Hebrews was discovered.

- Andy Smith

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