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Andrew C Smith a.c.smith at
Thu Sep 3 21:25:46 EDT 1998

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 18:20:44 -0400 "Bryan Rocine" <596547 at>

>I wonder why my earlier question did not illicit any responses 
>on-list.  I am under the impression that folks still learn their Hebrew
from texts
>which teach the "waw-conversive," that a prefixed vav(or waw) converts
>yiqtols to qatals and qatals to yiqtols.  I know Jouon-Muraoka prefers 
>the term "waw-inversive", Waltke and O'Connor prefers the term
>"vav-relative", and Gesenius, "vav-consecutive", 

...and some call it the "vav-conservative" and some call it the
"reversing vav"...

- Andy Smith

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