Peter_Kirk at SIL.ORG Peter_Kirk at SIL.ORG
Sat Oct 31 22:47:00 EST 1998

Yes, I wrote only about long noses ;---), or perhaps it should have 
been long pairs of nostrils ;===). But surely "breather" is not a 
literal translation of the Hebrew. Even our friend Fox who likes to 
translate nouns as if derived from verbs would find this one hard to 
justify, for in b-hebrew there is no verb )NP meaning "breathe", but 
only the verb )NP, characterised in the addenda and corrigenda to BDB 
(at the foot of the page in the Hendricksen addition) as denominative 
from )AP, meaning "be angry". But excuse me for now, after all this 
hard work I need to take a long breather...

Peter Kirk

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