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Got ya Cy,

I like: The Hebrew Bible : A Socio-Literary Introduction, Norman Gottwald. Gottwald's
is not exactly a *Jewish* Intro, but it ain't Christian either.

Can you add some non-christocentric introductions to the Bible (Tanak) bibliography?
Please, do! In all fairness (no guys, it's not a trick :-), even the newer Christian
intros almost seem to try to avoid the issue. But when I see "OT," it's not new

Shabbat Shalom,

Cy Silver wrote:

> The list of works which have "OT introduction", posted in the last few
> days, is impressive.
> Please keep in mind that the very use of the term "OT" suggests that the
> writer / work has a Christian perspective. Nothing wrong with that.
> However, these works often have a Weltanshaung that looks for
> interpretations that presage Jesus as the Messiah, very much NOT a Jewish
> perspective on the Hebrew Bible (aka OT). An illustration at the simplest
> level: the order of the contents following the Pentateuch, differs in
> Christian and Jewish editions, perhaps reflecting a Christian perspective.
> E.g., Sailhammer is very interesting, but also very Christian in his work
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