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Wed Oct 28 23:13:00 EST 1998

This sounds a great idea in theory but how far do you take it? Idioms 
from the original often just don't communicate properly. I guess )FP 
taken alone doesn't mean "anger" any more than it means "face", and 
)EREK )APPAYIM is just an idiom... but would you really translate (in 
Exodus 34:6 etc) that YHWH has a long nose?! :-)

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re: Translation
Author:  tiphillips at at internet
Date:    28/10/1998 11:17

This has been my problem with (English) translations, and also Fox but to a 
lesser extent. I would like to see the Tanak presented as the non-English, 
non-Western document(s) it/they are. Idioms say a lot of how the writers and 
their culture thought. They should be retained as much as possible. That's 
why I began working on my own translation again. Won't be perfect, maybe not 
"flowing verse" but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fox still makes 
too many accommodations.



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