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Concerning the request for a bibliography regarding Old Testament
Introductions, I have found Dr. John Sailhamer's Introduction to Old
Testament Theology very useful.  Published by Zondervan Publishing House,
this book offers an excellent survey of the many issues facing O.T. theology
today.  As a beginning student in O.T. theology, I have found Dr.
Sailhamer's explanations and illustrations very helpful.  In addition to his
introduction regarding the issues facing O.T. theology, Dr. Sailhamer offers
a unique perspective in what he calls "A Canonical Approach."

Thomas Bowen
M.A. Student 
Western Seminary

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> Moody Press between 1986 and 1993 issued _An Introduction to the Old 
> Testament_ in four volumes by Bullock, Howard and Wolf.  It is especially 
> student-friendly and basic, and also refers to a range of scholarly views 
> without cluttering the text.  It is also a basic introduction to the more 
> recent canon-based literary approach to the Hebrew Bible.
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