Fox's first two days

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Re: _tohu vabohu_
Although your outline of the six creation days may be fine, and it might
therefore be nice if _tohu vabohu_ would cooperate by meaning "chaos and
emptiness," your outline hardly provides a solid contextual footing for
semantically distinguishing between _tohu_ and _bohu_.  


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> >> >> 2  when the earth was wild and waste,
> >> 
> >> Though poetic, doesn't the "waste" take away from the meaning here?

> [..]Rocine:
> >
> >first, about the phrase's meaning:  compare Isa 34:11 where it is
> >that the judgment in Zion, symbolized by the plumbline and its bob will
> >turned to _tohu vabohu_ when the holy mount becomes the habitation of
> >unclean creatures.   apparently _bohu_ does not necessitate literal
> >emptiness as much as absence of order or rule.  How about this for _tohu
> >vabohu_: "purposeless and patternless"?  _tohu vabohu_ seems to be an
> >expression of utter, hopeless confusion.  After all, the greater the
> >confusion in Gen 1:2, the greater the glory of the Lord in overcoming it
> >His omni-creativity.
> My understanding of the creation here is that there are two series of
> days:
>    Forming                  Filling
> 1  Day & night           4  Sun, moon & stars
> 2  Sky & sea             5  Birds & fish
> 3  Land & vegetation     6  Animals & man
> The first series deals with the tohu reducing the chaos to order, the
> filling the corresponding void. It would seem that the expression tohu
> vabohu was explicitly used to point to the structure imposed on the
> Ian
> (Heading back to obscurity)

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