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yochanan bitan ButhFam at
Tue Oct 27 08:44:46 EST 1998

for close examples, maybe the ones you are remembering, try Josephus on
john hyrcanos 135-104:
war 1.2.6 9 (=loeb war 1.61-65, [vol 2:30-32]) slavery is mentioned but not
antiq 13.9.1 (=loeb antiq 13.254-258 [vol 7:354-356] forced conversion of
idumea (southern judea) is mentioned.

NB: it is often assumed that the galilee was similarly 'converted' but
josephus never states that and it appears more likely that jewish groups
were already in the galilee.

there is a joudaios list, of which i no longer have the address.

braxot ke erroso
randall buth

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