Off topic: history

Brady R. Johnson brady at
Mon Oct 26 23:52:41 EST 1998

Apologies in advance.  This question is somewhat off-topic, although it
does involve Jewish history, which in turn implies a connection of sorts to
Hebrew, no?

If anyone can point me to a list similar to this one, but dealing in Jewish
historical matters from a primarily secular vantage point, I'd be grateful.

My question is this:  In looking at the question of whether Jews have ever
engaged in forced conversions, I recalled reading of two incidents in which
Jewish forces held different villages hostage, forced them to convert and
in one case succeeded (they converted), and in the other case slaughtered
the villagers  when they refused.  My recollection is that this occurred
early in the Maccabean era or slightly before it.  Needless to say, my
recall on these points is quite hazy.  My preliminary investigations have
turned up nothing to corroborate my recollection however.

Can anyone confirm or refute the accuracy of my recollection?  Point me in
a direction that might lead to an answer?

Brady Johnson

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