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Dear B-Haverim,

Tim Phillips recently mentioned Everett Fox's translation of the five books
of Moses.  Well, I had been thinking about asking for your thoughts on this
translation for some time, so I have sent, in hopes of getting your
comments, this post
which quotes Fox's translation of Moses Song at the Sea and an accompanying
post which quotes Gen 1:1-8.  Of course, merely quoting the Bible text does
not do Fox justice because his translation is accompanied by frequent
commentary and footnotes, but you'll have to look them up on your own if
you want to comment on them    ;-)   .  I'd appreciate your thoughts on the
generally, but even more, on the passages quoted.  

Also, are there any scholarly reviews of Fox's work available by qulaified

What do you think of the Fox translation of Exo 15:1-18( I am trying to
follow the spacing, more or less):

I will sing to YHWH,
for he has triumphed, yes, triumphed,
the horse and charioteer he flung into the sea!

2  My fierce-might and strength is YAH,
he has become deliverance for me.

   This is my God--I honor him,
   the God of my father--I exalt him.

3  YHWH is a man of war,
YHWH is his name!

4   Pharoah's chariots and his army
he hurled into the sea,
his choicest teams-of-three
sank in the Sea of Reeds.
5   Oceans covered them,
they went down in the depths
like a stone

6   Your right-hand, O YHWH,
majestic in power,
your right-hand, O YHWH, 
shattered the enemy.

7  In your great triumph
you smashed your foes,
you sent forth your fury,
consumed them like chaff.

8  By the breath of your nostrils
the waters piled up,
the gushing-streams stood up like a dam,
the oceans congealed in the heart of the sea.

9  Uttered the enemy:
I will pursue,
and apportion the plunder,
my greed will be filled on them,
my sword I will draw,
my hand--dispossess them!
10  You blew with your breath,
the sea covered them,
they plunged down like lead
in majestic waters.

11  Who is like you among the gods, O YHWH!
who is like you, majestic among the holy-ones,
Feared-One of praises, Doer of Wonders!

12   You stretched out your right-hand,
the Underworld swallowed them.

13  You led in your faithfulness
your people redeemed,
guided (them) in your fierce-might
to your holy pasture.

14  The peoples heard,
they shuddered;
writhing seized
Philistia's settlers,
15  and then, terrified,
Edom's cheiftains,
Moav's "rams"--
trembling did seize them;
then melted away
all Canaan's settlers.

16  There fell upon them
dread and anguish;
before your arm's greatness
they grew dumb like a stone.

17     Until they crossed--your people, O YHWH,
        until they crossed--the people you fashioned.
        You brought them, you planted them
        on the mount of your heritage,
        foundation of your (royal) seat
        which you prepared, O YHWH,
        the Holy-Shrine, O Lord,
        founded by your hands.

18     Let YHWH be king for the ages, eternity!

Thanks for your comments.


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