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>Do I understand correctly that BibleWorks can transfer the
>Masoretic Text, i.e., pointed Hebrew, to a wordprocessor for
>printing. But it does not include cantilliation?

BibleWorks, and excellent program for the study of the Bible (in my
opionion, the best one for PC Computer), has the Masoretic Text with vowels
and you can choose to see a mark on the accented sillable (always the same

I bought from Eisenbrauns ( the Soncino Talmud,
which includes the Tanach with cantillation. It is part of the Judaic
Classics Library, by Davka Corporation.

Some years ago the Tanach with vowels and cantillation could also be bought
from Computronic Corporation, P.O. Box 102, Savyon, Israel, Fas (972)
3-5343270. It was not very expensive.


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