TL Phillips tiphillips at InfoAve.Net
Sat Oct 24 22:10:07 EDT 1998

At it again,

Do I understand correctly that BibleWorks can transfer the
Masoretic Text, i.e., pointed Hebrew, to a wordprocessor for
printing. But it does not include cantilliation?

If anyone would care (and I know I have been bothersome with
what version is in what product--Jerusalem Bible, etc.) to
help again.... My family, complete with teenagers, is
reading the Torah together this year as a deliberate
activity, and they are actually and purposely
participating!! Although my son went "horse camping" this
weekend, he actually took his Bible to read the p'rashah--I
take what I can get :-).

We are using Everett Fox's Torah. My own translation is
similar (and precedes his), but still is unfinished. Still,
every time we read it, I see how much he brushes over, and
how it is yet just too Western, yada, yada, yada. So what I
want to do is provide my family and friends with my own
translation, perhaps another translation for comparison, but
most importantly also include the MT. I want my "folks" to
always be aware that anything in English is *just* a
translation. Whenever they read, I want them to see the
Hebrew on the facing page. Hopefully their kids will see
this from the very beginning.

So will BibleWorks allow me to do this (in tandem with a
good wp)? Otherwise, what software will allow it? I can read
sales blurbs, but I'd rather know from the guys actually
doing it.


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