Habakkuk Font

Jack Kilmon jkilmon at historian.net
Fri Oct 23 18:50:40 EDT 1998

I have placed a new scribal font on my website as a companion to the
DSSFont designed
after 1QISa.  This one is based on the script of the Pesher Habakkuk.
Like all of my scribal
fonts, it does require some "scribing" using your character spacing
utility to raise lameds
or lower finials and adjustment of point size to approximate the textual

I hope it is useful.  The purpose of these fonts are to assist you in
your publications where
you would prefer to use the original script rather than modern square
characters or
transliterations.  Their use in the classroom may assist your students
in their familiarity
with the original scripts.

You can download the font at http://www.historian.net/files.htm

Hope ya like it.


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