Jerusalem Bible

Williams, Wes Wes.Williams at
Thu Oct 8 13:52:00 EDT 1998

The New Jerusalem Bible is part of Bibleworks, version 4.0. It will be
released shortly. You can get Bibleworks 3.5 for $200 now from and pay the upgrade fee when 4.0 comes out (is it $99?).
I don't know what the 4.0 price will be.  There are lots of additional
versions in 4.0, as well as the BDB lexicon, that makes the price worthwhile
for me.

Wes Williams

> Does anyone know if there is a machine text of the Jerusalem Bible or New
> Jerusalem Bible? (This is the Catholic variety, not the Jewish variety
> that
> is called Jerusalem Bible also.) Doesn't matter if it's commercial, etc.
> just WANT IT. My favorite translation by default.

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