1 Sam 8:2

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Peter_Kirk at sil.org wrote:

> I learned that there were two way:hiy's, one (followed by k- or b-)
> which introduced a temporal clause, as in 1 Sam 8:2, and the other
> just serving as the wayyiqtol form of hayah, and so meaning "became".
> On this basis, perhaps the meaning is that Samuel's sons were given
> these names only when they were appointed as judges. Or can this
> second way:hiy mean simply "was"?

Many times, a WaY:HiY series seem to mark peak.  See Gen 38:24ff, Gen 39, Ex 33:7ff.
Since 1 Sam 8:1-2 obviously is not peak, could it be slowing down the narration to
call attention to the problem that results in the call for a king?

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