1 Sam 8:2

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> What is the significance of _way:hiy_ in 1 Sam 8:2?  Notice how soon it
> falls after the _way:hiy_ of 8:1.  Thanks for your comments.


 It looks as if some material may have fallen out between verses 1 and 2.

 Compare 1 Sam 8:2 with 1 Chron 6:13 MT (6:38 LXX EVV). The sons of Samuel
 are listed as Joel and Abiah in 1 Sam; but as /HaBBeKoR [] We'aBiYYaH/ in
 1 Chron 6:13; the LXX supplies hUIOI SAMOUEL, hO PRWTOTOKOS SANI, KAI ABIA
 (6:28). The English Versions have "Vashni" at 1 Chron 6:28; is this SANI
 from the LXX?  Some material has fallen out there, too...

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