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Unfortunately I don't have these available either - the best BH 
library here in Baku is probably my personal one. Averbeck's article 
in VanGemeren on xa++f)t quotes Milgrom enough to get me interested; 
although (from his conservative Christian standpoint) he does not 
agree with Milgrom, he accepts that xa++f)t deals with physical (e.g. 
Lev 12:6,8) as well as moral defilement. (But is this distinction 
anachronistic?) So perhaps someone else can check out what Milgrom and 
others have to say on this.

Do any recognised translations translate xa++f)t by anything other 
than "sin offering"?

I thought only the first and eighth days of Sukkot which were supposed 
to be days of rest - Leviticus 23:35,36,39. But then I am sure your 
librarians have earned their break.

Peter Kirk

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A reading of the text of Lev. 4 would appear to indicate you are right on that 
but I wonder what Milgrom in his Anchor Bible commentary, HAL and ABD (or any 
recent commentary or study referring to these terms) have to say on that score. 
our library is closed for the entire Sukkot holiday, I wonder if you or another 
could check this one out.
BTW, I seem to remember a dissertation published by University Microfilms on the
"sin: in the Bible".
Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College
44905 Beit Berl Post Office

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