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>Subject: Slightly off-topic:  Specific question on Bibleworks and
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>Please excuse the slightly off-topic question but I hope someone here can
>help me.  I've been told that you can't paste Hebrew and Greek into a
>Wordperfect 7 document from Bibleworks 3.5.  However, the maker of
>Bibleworks couldn't tell me which of he many patches at COrel's web site
>to use.  Anyone know which one I need?  Thanks.

There is no problem pasting BWW Hebrew, Greek  or English into WP 7 here.
I am running WP7 for Win 3.1 under OS/2 v.4 and routinely do this. I had
no problem doing it in WP6.1 for that matter. WordPerfect 6.0 did have
this problem in both the DOS and WIN 3.1 versions. Even then it was an
easy work around using the WordPerfect "Styles" feature. (I have no
experience with WP7 for Win95.)

Although I don't think it is necessary to do what you are seeking, the
latest patch for WP7 for Win 3.1 is:

Name:  wp731b.exe  Date:  Dec-25-97  Size:   692 Kb

BTW, the WP7 Office Suite, including both Win 3.1 and Win 95 CDs and the
Paradox database can be had for less than $40.00 and is an outstanding

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