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Fri Oct 2 01:52:00 EDT 1998

Kirk Lowery wrote:
>Steve Thompson wrote:
>> Dale Wheeler has just announced that he has finished the "fixed MorphBHS"
>> for a particular version of Bible study software.  What is this, and how
>> does it relate to the Michigan BHS text, and what sort of "fixing" has he
>> done to it?
>I guess I ought to respond, since MorphBHS comes out of this office! :-)
>Dale Wheeler is the better person to ask about the details of the upcoming
>Version 3.0 (Dale, are you out there?). Dale and Alan Groves (Prof. of OT
>and Director of the Computer Center) are co-editors.


Yes Kirk, I'm here...but just barely... (-;  I am so buried in trying to 
get this revision/update of the MorphBHS done that I forgot to send the 
message/reply that I had prepared !!  It follows...  BTW, "fix" is 
probably the wrong word to use (I just use it really for myself inhouse)
since it can be construed that there was something seriously wrong with
the database to begin with.  As Kirk pointed out the major tasks were
to standardize the WTS to the new English KBS lexicon, add homographs
based on KBS, and then to add the material from Todd Beall's OT Parsing
Guide (for which is REALLY thank Todd for being willing to allow its will significantly improve the search possibilities
for the WTS...more on that latter).  In the process we ran across some
problems and typos and they will get "fixed" as well.  All of us 
involved in the editing of the WTS sincerely hope that this new version
will make your research more robust, accurate, and beneficial.

- ------------My belated reply... (-:

One of our new GRAMCORD users recently posted to B-Hebrew a question about 
my work in revising the Westminster Morph HMT. He had read a recent bulletin
to our beta users announcing that we are about to circulate new search
software and databases for a final evaluation. We have contacted the
inquirer who asked about the "Michigan BHS" (which is usually called the
Westminster Theological Seminary Morphological Hebrew MT; MorphBHS or WTS, 
for short). He was unaware of the fact that, as co-editor of the WTS, I 
have been revising the "official" WTS and not some rival version.  The
Senior Editor, Prof Alan Groves of Westminster Seminary, and I are trying
to the best of our abilities to get a major update to the WTS ready for 
this year's SBL (we are scheduled to make a presentation during one of the
CARG/CARS sessions). I will be posting to B-Hebrew a summary of the revisions 
in a later post after beta testing and any additional revision is complete. 
In the meantime, I ask for everyone's patience in letting us complete the
work without being prematurely deluged with an enormous volume of emails 
which may have been prompted by the inquirer's post. (Of course, if anyone 
has any questions about becoming a GRAMCORD user, please contact The 
GRAMCORD Institute at scholars at or phone 360-576-3000. Of 
course, even the Institute may ask to defer some "techical" questions about 
the revised Morph text until I have had opportunity to write a final report 
and description. A "mass emailing" will be sent to all inquirers at that 

Thank you!

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