Sin offerings

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Thu Oct 1 17:21:00 EDT 1998

Jonathan Safren writes: "the type of sacrifice known as hattat, of 
which several are offered in Lev. 16, has nothing to with sin, put is 
instead a "purification offering" "

That may be so in Lev. 16, but surely not in Leviticus 4, e.g. v.3 
(v.14 is similar):

...w:hiqriyb (al xa++f)tow :a$er xf+f) b.en-b.fqfr t.fmiym layhwh 

Here xa++f)t is used in two senses: the first is clearly a sin 
(defined in v.2 as doing what is forbidden in the Lord's commandments) 
and the verb xf+f) (qal) = "commit sin" is used; and the second is 
some kind of sacrifice. I think the repeated use of these two senses 
in such close conjunction, and of the sacrifice sense with the qal 
verb (5:6,7,11), in this part of Leviticus must imply a close link 
between the meanings.

Also, how does he account for the use of xa++f)t and kpr (piel) in 
close connection with slx (niphal), usually translated "forgiven" 
(e.g. Lev. 4:20)? I take this to refer to some sin or offence rather 
than simply ritual impurity.

Peter Kirk

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