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Vincent DeCaen decaen at chass.utoronto.ca
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sorry kirk I haven't responded sooner, nor alas have I been able to
keep up with this particular thread, so apologies to others. I've been
deflected by good news this time, not bad (more anon, elsewhere).
hopefully I'll now be able to participate again.

remember in advance that I don't buy this offline/online stuff, ok.

two participles. remember that smH is a stative-resultative, hence its
participle is identical with both 3ms of the past tense *and* the
adjective. in this case, read *participle* "rejoicing".

hence syntactically, "great joy" is indefinite direct object;
semantically it's adverbial, modifying "rejoicing", hence "very much"
or some such thing.


very poetic, though. sorry if this repeats, etc.

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