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> Re Num 8:2 and the menorah design.  The H reads _beha(alotka )et hannerot
> )el mul Peney hammenorah ya)iyru $ib(at hannerot_ "when you mount(?) the
> lamps, it will be to the front face of the menorah that the seven lamps
> will shine."  Does this suggest moveable and/or adjustable lamps having
> a design which is "pointable" or "directable"?

 Dear Bryan,

 BeHa`a:LoTeKa 'eT-HaNNeRoT 'eL-MuWL PeNeY HaMMe:NoWRaH ''
 In thy lighting of the lamps over-against [its] front [PaNaYW]...

 The verb `aLaH, to go up, refers to the "going-up" of the live flame
 towards heaven. The noun describes the "burnt-offering", the one that
 "goes up" to heaven in flame and smoke. So in the Hiph`il, it means to
 "kindle the flame" (cause it to go up).

 Comparison with Exodus 25:36-37 should throw a little "light" on this
 mystery!  The Me:NoWRaH was a seven-branched candelabrum or lamp-stand
 with a lamp on each branch (seven lamps for seven branches). These lamps
 had their wicks on one side of the rim, so that there was a hot side and
 a cool side. The hot wick sides were to be towards the rear, and the cool
 refuelling sides towards the front, so as to facilitate refuelling with
 fresh olive oil when necessary (without burning your hand in the flame).

 WeHe`e:LaH 'eT-NeRoTeYHa WeHe'iYR `aL-`eBeR PaNeYHa (Exodus 25:37).

 Zechariah 4:2-3 gives a fascinating vision of a self-refuelling lampstand,
 rendering manual re-fuelling unnecessary!  No more burnt fingers!

 ShaLoWM `aLeKa
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