Massora Magnum

Jim West jwest at Highland.Net
Thu Jul 16 00:15:57 EDT 1998

At 09:45 AM 7/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I have been searching for a copy of Gerard Weil's Massora Magnum. This book
>which was published in 1971 by the Pontifical Publishing Institute in Rome
>is out of print. I have inquired from the out-of-print bookstores but have
>not had any success so far. Any suggestions?
>Thank you in advance for any help,

I wish I could help.  But the last time I saw a copy of this book it was in
a used bookstore in North Carolina, for $125, and that was 13 years ago!  I
have not seen it since.  Good luck, and if you do find a copy, please let me


Jim West, ThD
jwest at

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