Psalm 25:1

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On 13 Jul 98, at 8:39, Glen Johnson wrote:

> What is the meaning of NAFSHI 'ESSA' (NEFESH NASA') in Psalm 25:1? The same
> phrase occurs in Psalm 86:4 and 143:8.
> Does it mean "I desire You" or is "I communicate with You my emotions,
> desires and passions?" I'm not trying to limit your options, but I am
> sharing with you the options that appear most likely to me.

The traditional Jewish commentaries explain as follows:

Rashi:  "I direct my heart"  viz., I direct my thoughts and feelings toward you.

Radak:  "I turn over my soul to you as a present or offering"

Ibn Ezra:  That he directs his devotions to God and to no other.

Metzudat David:  To rely one God 

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