Ps 55:20 (BHS)--"they" or "he"?

Trevor M Peterson spedrson at
Sun Jul 12 23:12:22 EDT 1998


This may be my first time actually posting on this list, although I've
been lurking for quite some time now.  Anyway, I'm curious as to your
thoughts on Ps 55:20, particularly in the first clause after the SLH,
which reads, )$R )YN XLYPWT LMW.  Now, I notice that almost every English
translation follows the LXX in taking this clause with reference to the
Psalmist's enemies in the following clause.  I assume that this is at
least partially due to the division of the verse by SLH, but does LMW
(3ms?) not favor a connection with )L . . . Y$B QDM?  Also, it seems that
the MT accenting favors an association with the preceding information,
since they place the athnach under LMW.

I'd also be interested in general comments on the translation of the
verse, particularly with regard to the various waw's and to )$R.


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