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Lewis Reich LBR at
Thu Jul 9 01:43:01 EDT 1998

On 8 Jul 98, at 13:49, Kelly McGrew wrote:

> 	I don't know about "gazillions" of accents, but the trup (or cantillation)
> marks are clearly evident in the MacBible product from Zondervan.  Macs can
> generally be had pretty cheap right now, so pick one up to run your program
> on.  It's not that expensive as I recall either.
> 	Alternatively, you could get the Soncino Classics Collection from Davka
> for $589.  It includes the complete Tanach, Talmud, Midrash Rabbah, and
> Zohar, in both Hebrew/Aramaic and English.  For more information see:

I believe that the much more inexpensive ( ~ $50) Judaic Classic Library II 
(which includes only the Tanakh and Rashi and an English translation), also 
from Davka, also containes the trup.

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