BHS Accents

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Wed Jul 8 16:49:51 EDT 1998

	I don't know about "gazillions" of accents, but the trup (or cantillation)
marks are clearly evident in the MacBible product from Zondervan.  Macs can
generally be had pretty cheap right now, so pick one up to run your program
on.  It's not that expensive as I recall either.

	Alternatively, you could get the Soncino Classics Collection from Davka
for $589.  It includes the complete Tanach, Talmud, Midrash Rabbah, and
Zohar, in both Hebrew/Aramaic and English.  For more information see:

If you want just the Bible you can get it for $49.  See:


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>Brian Rush asked:
><<Subject: Re: software bible study
><<Along these lines, can anyone tell me which bible software
>packages have a Hebrew text which includes all of the
>gazillions of accents and other markings in my hardcopy BHS?
>(I don't just mean the vowel pointings, which all the good programs
>I haven't spent much time actually using the programs, but
>the flyers and literature I've looked at don't mention the markings. Even
>Hermeneutika doesn't seem to have the markings, but again,
>that's only by looking at many pictures in several of
>their brochures. >>
>I know of no software that includes the accents in their Hebrew 
>text. You may get an independent copy of the BHS text for strictly 
>private research purposes from Westminster Theological Seminary. 
>It contains the BHS text in transliterated form, with vowelpoints and 
>accents. Contact Alan Groves at alangroves at
>There is a fee.
>James D. Price

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