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Bryan writes, "Someone mentioned software capability for doing mixed
language searches.  Would this be the ability to search specifically for all
the times a root, let's say PQD, is translated into English, let's say
*visit*?  Is there software that can do such a thing? My Bibleworks 3.1

Neither can BibleWorks 3.5.  When I need to look up specific English usage
based on the Hebrew, I use the Interlinear and Englishman's Concordance on
PC Study Bible.  It gives every use of that specific word in the King James
Version.  You then have to scroll down the list.  When you find a verse
you're interested in, you can click on the button which shows the Hebrew in
the Interlinear.  And then just Ctrl + F6 and you're back at the concordance
listing to continue looking.

You have to use the Interlinear to get the Strong's number since that's what
keys the Englishman's Concordance.  Of course, it is not Even-Shoshan.  It
has the limitations of the printed Englishman's Concordance, but it's a
great time saver.  PC Study Bible comes with Hebrew and Greek texts, but
you'll seldom use them if you have BibleWorks.

The reason I own PC Study Bible is they keep coming out with complete and
unabridged commentaries from some of my favorite older authors.  So far they
have Barnes, Adam Clarke, Jamison-Fausset-Brown, International Standard
Bible Encyclopedia, Matthew Henry's Commentary, Unger's Bible Dictionary, as
well as Robertson's, Vine's, and Vincent's.  Although I have all of these
works except one in my library (you remember -- books?), it sure is a lot
quicker for a busy pastor researching and pasting with the PC software.

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