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Someone mentioned software capability for doing mixed language searches.
Would this be the ability to search specifically for all the times a root,
let's say PQD, is translated into English, let's say *visit*?  Is there
software that can do such a thing? My Bibleworks 3.1 cannot.

Now here's a wish I would like to pass onto our computer text-taggers Dale
Wheeler, Kirk Lowery, et al.:  Tag the boundaries of clauses.  I know the
definition of clause may need to be pinned down--so define the clause the
way you want to: I'll live with it! :-)   But it wonuld be so enormously
beneficial to be able to search, for instance,  for clause-initial qatal or
yiqtol. As it is, a string-search like noun-participle or participle-noun
will not only give all such strings *within* a single clause but also gives
hits when the string happens to *span two clauses*.  It would be great if
the computer would weed-out the unwanted, clause-spanning hits. 

While I'm at it, another wish:   Tag the boundary between narration and
quoted speech.  How beneficial!  The resulting research would make it seem
like we're learning Hebrew all over again.

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