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Camille Bessette at
Tue Jul 7 13:27:20 EDT 1998

Christian W. Hoffmann wrote:
"-Bible Works (3.5.5)...
  -Wordprocessors (Multilingual Scholar, Davka, ..)
Any comments? (Texts supplied, concordances, Ease of use, powerful
searches, mixing of languages, correct word wrap ..."

BibleWorks is close to perfection for all this, including exportation. Just
to be scrupulous,  I  may note that sometimes the selection of a word or a
sentence is not immediately done on the first click : perhaps already
corrected for the next version ? I own 3.5.51. Unfortunately, there is no
accentuation of Hebrew text.
To palliate this, I have The Holy Scripture from Davka Corporation : superb
text with all accents but strict limits to printing and exportation : one
psq at a time, no more.  It means long preparation for classroom.
I add for a Swiss citizen that you should be careful with Davka products for
keyboard : I can't make serious research with their 'Holy Scripture' because
it doesn't handle azerty keyboard.  This is also why I use Dagesh as a word
processor : no problem with keyboard, perfect word-wrap and really
multilingual (50 different keymaps) with free mix of languages, characters
and text direction in a single document. Six main menus language, including
French and English.

Camille Bessette
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