Chairs for B-Hebrew?

Jonathan Robie jonathan at
Tue Jul 7 10:54:46 EDT 1998

I am the new list owner of B-Hebrew, but I am not likely to be involved on
an ongoing basis, since I do not know much Hebrew at all (hey, if anyone in
the Triangle Area of North Carolina wants to teach me Hebrew, let me
know!). I am actively involved in B-Greek, where most of the day-to-day
decisions are made by two Chairs and the list owner, who also participate
actively in the list, answering and posing questions.

I am thinking about establishing a similar structure on B-Hebrew. This
would involve establishing a group of three people who would help stoke up
interesting discussion on B-Hebrew, keep it civilized, and manage the
day-to-day operation. I would also like some diversity in the perspectives
of the Chairs. If possible, I would like at least one of these people to be
Jewish, and at least one of them Christian.

This is *not* intended to set up moderators who would enforce one point of
view or censor messages. These would have to be people who appreciate and
enjoy contributions coming from various positions, and who would like to
work with other Chairs who come from different perspectives. Would the list
members be comfortable with such a structure?

The kind of people I would be looking for: someone who is social, an
excellent teacher, rock solid in Hebrew, with appreciation of and interest
in various religious perspectives, including an appreciation of their own
perspectives. I want three people who are significantly different, but who
really enjoy working together.

This would be, of course, an unpaid position, but it would take time on a
daily basis. Anybody who is interested in doing this would need to commit
themselves to doing some work!

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, on list or in private.



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