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Sun Jun 29 19:46:57 EST 2098

Hello, I am brand new to b-greek.  Before I joined, I went through your
archives and read a lot of the posts.  I really enjoyed it and it was very
humbling.  I will learn much!  This is my first contribution.  In one of
the threads on John 1:1, the discussion was on the object (ARCH) of the
preposition EN.  The question was: because ARCH is anarthrous, should it be
translated 'a beginning' or 'the beginning?'  IMHO it should be 'in the
beginning.'  A.T. Robertson in his large grammer on page 791 states that
prepositional phrases are often definite without the article.  Blass,
Debrunner, and Funk on page 133 states, "The article can be omitted in
prepositional phrases..."  M. Zerwick on page 58 states, " Hellenistic
Greek, there is an even stronger tendency to omit the article in
prepositioal phrases."  You may also check R.A.Young's grammer on page 67,
Nigel Turner's grammer on page 179, Moule's Idioms on page 114, Porter's
Idioms on page 113, and D.B.Wallace's grammer on page 247.

-James Stewart

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