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John Fox johnfox at
Mon May 31 00:41:55 EST 2094

Hello to all of you who visit and subscribe to b-Greek,

Recently, I posted a request on this site, hoping to find a concordance to the Greek OLD Testament, and also hoping to find  an interlinear Hebrew & Greek Old Testament.  What I did not expect was the quality of the responses from many of you.  Although I am a serious student of the Bible, I am not a scholar like many of you are.  I am frankly a baby in this area, and a beginner at the computer side of things.  I have yet to purchase my first computer Bible software program.  Someone has convinced me that this would be the best thing.  I have found a site to access, but I haven't made much headway.  But I will keep learning.  And so I write simply to express sincere thanks to all of you who have taken time out of your lives to write.  There still are good people in this world.

Best wishes,

John A. Fox
United Church of God
Salt Lake City, Utah

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