[B-Greek] "both, and" rather than "either, or" ?

Shirley Rollinson rollinsondr at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 24 22:03:00 EDT 2011

Dear B-Greekers
I'm really not getting into using the new format of B-Greek Forum, and I know I'm not alone in that.
I can understand that those who were giving so generously of time and talents to run the B-Greek mailing list were getting tired of it and find the new forum more in line with their interests - BUT - might it be possible to have "both, and" rather than "either,or"?
Would it be possible to have both a Greek Forum, and also to keep the B-Greek mailing list? I'd be willing to volunteer time and some computing expertise, and there are probably others out there who would do the same for the sake of keeping the B-Greek list going.
The two need not be in competition - there do seem to be different emphases and interests : B-Greek for quick questions and BTW messages, and the new forum for those who want to go in depth for an extended period.
Maybe some of those who ran the list would be willing to let us all know what it would take to keep the list going - software, hardware, hours per week ?
thank you
Shirley Rollinson

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