[B-Greek] Reminder: B-Greek is moving

George F Somsel gfsomsel at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 13:45:22 EDT 2011

Maybe b+-greek?  :-)  It would require either a large amount of time for that 
person or necessitate enlisting others to perform the herculean task that Carl 
has handled for some time.  Not me, pal.


… search for truth, hear truth, 
learn truth, love truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, 
defend the truth till death.

- Jan Hus

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I am very familiar with message boards (forums, as  you call them).  
Mailing lists, such  as the B-Greek Mailing List, and message boards are very 
different from each  other and serve two very different purposes.  Message 
boards are time-consuming to use  and for the busy pastor, scholar, or student 

Greek, they consume more time  than is available.  The B-Greek  mailing 
list was of great help to me over a period of years, and the  discontinuance of 
it will have a distinctly negative impact upon my academic  life.  Perhaps 
someone who has the  time will step up to the plate and create and maintain 
a new mailing list that  will serve the purpose that the B-Greek Mailing 
List had for these past several  years. 
Craig Miller

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B-Greek  Members,

Just for those who are not as familiar with forums, if you  click on "View
Active Posts" or "View Unanswered Posts" on the main page,  you will save
yourself the trouble of searching through all of the  individual subforums. 
find this the most effective way to use forums, and  I thought I'd send that
along for those who aren't as comfortable with the  system.

Best of luck!

Jason Hare
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