Jonathan Robie jonathan.robie at ibiblio.org
Thu Jun 2 12:00:27 EDT 2011

I'm very glad that Carl will continue as a member of the advisory
board and as a contributor. He continues to be my best sounding-board
for B-Greek, and was extremely helpful in deciding how to structure
the new forum. His deep knowledge of Greek and enthusiasm have always
been one of the main things that attracted me to B-Greek.

I'm also very grateful for his service over the years in moderating
the list and handling the mechanics. This work now falls to the
moderators and to me.

With Carl, I am delighted to see the return of the scholars to
B-Greek, and I suspect this may be partly due to Carl's suggestion
that we require competence in biblical Greek, while also maintaining a
beginner's section for those who are working toward this competence.
To me, at least, most of the posts we have seen in the new forum are
interesting and worth reading. I believe that making B-Greek a useful
place for Carl and the other real scholars to speak with each other is
essential to the success of the forum.

The B-Greek mailing list had three Co-Chairs who were responsible for
keeping the discussion going and enforcing B-Greek policies. The
B-Greek forum has a larger set of moderators who perform the same

B-Greek Moderators:

Mike Aubrey
Stephen Carlson
N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Ken M. Penner
Louis Sorenson

In addition, we have added an advisory board who advise us on how best
to run the B-Greek forum. For instance, the advisory board was very
active in determining the initial organization of the forums, our
policies, and other questions.

B-Greek Advisory Board Members:

Carl Conrad
Carlton Winbery
Randall Buth
Iver Larsen
Mark Lightman
Micheal Palmer
Steve Runge

Thanks, Carl, for all these years as Co-Chair!

List Owner, B-Greek

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